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Create, Modify Templates, Preview, Broadcast and Schedule Slack Marketing Collateral


Thena's Marketing Automation is a powerful tool that allows you to create custom marketing campaigns with minimal effort. In this tutorial, we'll take you through some of the key features and basic level concepts of the block builder, and show you how to create your own marketing automation campaign.

Creating a Campaign

Block Builder

Thena's block Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to create custom marketing campaigns with minimal effort. In this documentation, we'll take you through some of the key features and basic level concepts of the block builder, and show you how to create your own marketing automation campaign.

The block builder is similar to other platforms' block builders and allows you to add, remove, and modify various blocks of content, including images, text, and event calendars. You can even change the URLs of images to match your own preferences.

Thena Block Builder (JSON Editor)

Thena Block Builder

Campaign Content

  1. To get started with the Thena Marketing Automation Block Builder, navigate to the Campaign Manager section of the platform. Here, you'll find a list of active and archived campaigns, as well as the option to Create Campaign.
  2. When you create a new campaign for the first time, you'll land on the template screen.
    and can choose a Template from a list of pre-existing options. Templates can be easily loaded/switched within the Campaign Editor as well.
    Templates include SaaS-focused content : Company newsletter, Product Release notifications, Marketing Invites)
  3. Block Validation
    Marketing Automation enables seamless content creation through its BlockKit JSON editor which validates the content JSON with Slack BlockKit Syntax as you edit the content. The campaign sending option is disabled un-till the content JSON is valid.


Slack Layouts Supported : Actions, Context, Divider, Header, Image, Section.
(Support for Video and File Layouts is coming soon !!) .
Note: Parameter verbatim is not supported at this time.

Actions and Triggers: In-case you add an action_id or value on the block elements, the triggers associated with these parameters would not be processed via Thena.

  1. Previewing campaign content:
    You can preview your campaign before sending it to ensure that everything looks good. There are two preview options available: Preview in Slack and Preview in Channel.


Emoticon Support

Workspace specific or custom emoticons are not supported by the Block Builder at this time.

Sending a Campaign

Features of the Send Campaign Menu:

  1. Select the External Customer Channels for the Broadcast of the post.
    1. You can select across all external shared channels in the workspace irrespective of Thena App added/not-added to the channel.
    2. The info icon with the channel name depicts the REACH of the individual channel.
    3. The channels can be grouped into different segments called Channel Groups. See Channel Grouping.
    4. The Refresh button can be used to refresh the list of the channels and the reach calculation to include all channels including recently added/modified.
      Note : The channel list is updated every 24 hours so recently added channels might not be visible in the list)
  2. The pane also provides the insight into the Estimated v/s Potential Reach of the post.
    1. Potential Reach: Unique External Users in all the shared channels of the workspace. (Total audience that the post can reach to)
    2. Estimated Reach: Based on the channels selected, unique external users in the specific channels. (Audience that the post would be broadcasted to.
  3. Sending the campaign /Scheduling the Campaign to be broadcasted on a specific future date and time.

Sending Campaign Quick Steps.

  1. Review/Modify the Campaign Name in the top left section of the modal.

  2. Select the Channel(s) the message/ needs to be broadcasted. There are majorly 3 types of channels in the colour-coded channels. See the Channel Type section here.

    :bulb:Pro-tip: Select + Add All to maximise the Reach of the campaign to 100% audience base.

  3. Click on Send Campaign or Scheduling Options to start sending the message to the selected channels.

Send Campaign Menu Screen

Send Campaign Menu


Cancelling the message posting

After clicking Send Campaign button, the messages are not posted immediately. Thena offers a 2-minute buffer to abort the broadcasting via the Campaign Manager Screen.

Cancelling Message Broadcast

Cancelling Message Broadcast

Scheduling Options

  • The Campaign can be scheduled to be broadcasted at a future date and time.
  • The scheduler is set as per the local time of your system/browser.
  • The schedule can modified through editing a SCHEDULED state campaign.

Note: Scheduled Time denotes the time the campaign send operation would be initiated not the delivery time of the messages which would ideally be a few minutes later.

Thena Marketing Automation Sch

Scheduling Options

Channel Grouping

The selection of channels for broadcast can be saved as an audience group for smooth campaign delivery.

The Groups menu is available in the Send Campaign Menu's channel list pane.

All Channel Groups are created/modified at the organisation level and would be available for all users of the organisation

Creating a Channel Group

  1. Select the channels from the list of channels populated.
  2. Click on "Create New Group" button on the top-right inside the pane.
  3. Name the Group. Ensure the name is unique.
  4. The current selection of channels would be added to this new group created.

Selecting multiple groups

Selection of multiple groups is available and the channel list is de-duplicated to ensure a message is not broadcasted to the same channel multiple times.

The current selection can also be modified to add or exclude channels from exhaustive list.
However, this selection can be saved only to a new group creation.

Channel Grouping

Channel Grouping

Note : Deletion and Updation of Groups is coming soon to this feature. !!!

Campaign Duplication

Campaigns can be duplicated to create new campaigns with similar content and audience lists through the duplicate campaign button in the campaign list.

The following constructs are duplicated and the new Campaign is always set to status : DRAFT:

  1. Content JSON of the Campaign.
  2. Audience channel lists of the original campaign in SENT status.

Archived/Deleted Campaigns can also be duplicated for the content and audience channel selection from the Archived/Deleted tab.

Campaign Duplication

Campaign Duplication

Campaign Duplication Quick Steps

  1. Select the campaign that you wish to duplicate from the Campaign List/Campaign Manager or if you are on the Campaign Details page, the Duplicate Campaign button allows you to copy the campaign.
  2. From the right button actions on the campaign's bar, click on the Duplicate button.
  3. You would be redirected to a new campaign editor with the content JSON copied and (suffix) added to the original campaign name.
  4. Once you have edited/finalised the content JSON, you can navigate to the Configure & Send button. In the SEND CAMPAIGN MENU, the audience channel list of the original campaign would be selected for the copy as well. (only for Sent and Scheduled Campaigns)

Campaign Archiving

A campaign can be moved to an ARCHIVED or Deleted status for better organisation of your important campaigns.

The campaign can be deleted through the delete icon (icon to be added) from the Campaign Manager after confirming the deletion operation via the Modal.

Archived Campaigns are available in a Separate Tab : Archived/Deleted Campaigns in the Campaign List.

The archived campaigns can be copied for content as well as the audience list . For audience list selection to be copied the Deleted Campaign should have been in SENT or SCHEDULED status.

Note: Post the archiving of a campaign, the stats for the campaign are recorded continuously and the analytics for the campaign can be accessed via the View Report button in the archived campaigns section.

Campaign Archiving

Campaign Archiving

Campaign Archiving Quick Steps

  1. Select the campaign that you wish to duplicate from the Campaign List/Campaign Manager.
  2. From the right button actions on the campaign's bar, click on the :dustbin: button.
  3. The campaign would be moved to the Archived/Deleted tab and the analytics of the particular campaign continues to be recorded and is available via the View Report button on the campaign manager.

Channel Types in Channel Selection Menu

Before sending messages to channel or scheduling a campaign, it is important that the list of the channels is finalised. The channel list is colour-coded through the following legend:

Note: Internal Channels are available on an on-demand basis. Please contact us for the enablement of this feature.

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