Automated Responses

Keep your customer in the loop, while ensuring your team is focussed on outcomes.

Introducing Auto Responder - the ultimate solution for companies looking to better manage customer queries and expectations. With Auto Responder, organisations can now easily schedule working dates, days and hours, allowing for an automated response to customer requests received outside of working hours.

Using Auto Responder is effortless; simply create your automated responses in advance and enable them when needed. You no longer have to worry about responding to customer enquiries outside of your business’s working hours! You can provide customers with the assurance that they will receive a timely response regardless of the time their query was sent – creating a better overall experience for those interacting with your business.

Auto Responder is ideal for businesses of all sizes and shapes, providing an invaluable service that can be used to save time and resources, while ensuring customers receive the attention they need despite any operational restrictions you may be facing. Plus, it’s quick and easy to set up, so there’s no need to spend long hours trying to figure out how it works – enabling you to focus more time on other important tasks at hand.

Don’t wait: get started today with Auto Responder – the must-have solution for businesses exceeding customer service expectations 24/7!


We want to ensure that your team does not spend time in repeatable customer updates, and rather focuses on providing the best customer experience.

Out of Office Auto Replies

Organisations may want to acknowledge a customer request received outside of working hours. You can now schedule your working dates, days and hours, and enable an automated response.

Set your Working Hours , Days, and Dates

A user can setup the working hours/days/dates per channel, or across an installation (for all channels). If your organisation has customer facing teams that work in different time-zones, we recommend setting up working hours per channel.

You can setup your working days and hours through the webapp (this will be live for installations by mid February - If you need it sooner, do reach out to us).

Send an automated reply

Select the default message that you would like to send to your customers. This message will be shown to your customers as a threaded reply when your team is out of office.

Conditions for automated reply

  • An automated reply is sent once over a period of 12 hrs. The reply is a threaded message, that also posts an update to the channel.
  • You can configure the automated reply to
    • Respond as a CSM or as a Team name (with the team logo). The above image shows how a CSM reply will look.
    • Send an OOO Automated reply for a detected request or all messages. By default, Thena will only send the message for detected requests.


Conversation Grouping is enabled by default

Request Status based Auto Reply

Certain organisations prefer to set a default 'We are Looking into it' message when a customer request is first triaged and assigned. Others prefer to let the customer know as soon as a customer request has been completed. For both these scenarios,


Let your team focus on resolving customer queries instead of worrying about acknowledging a customer message.

We are looking into it

This automated response can be sent to the customer whenever a request is in progress (Assigned to a user). It comes in handy when you have request notifications setup, and you use those notifications for internal triaging.

This request has now been closed. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns.

Often, customer requests are a fixed ask to 'Setup my account', 'Create a dashboard' etc. For these requests, you can leverage the Auto-reply to request closure feature. This enables your customer to instantly get an update when their request has been completed.

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